SuperFOIL SF19 is one of the UK's best value multi-layer foil insulation products. Consisting of 19 layers of reflective foil, with thermo foam separation layers. SuperFOIL SF19 is easier to handle, install, cut and seal than other forms of building insulation, and lasts over 50 years with minimal loss of performance caused by dust, drafts, pests or osmosis.


SF19 is ideal for use in walls and roof structures in new, renovation, refurbishment and extension projects; you can use SF19 in walls without excessive loss of valuable floor space.


Key Features


  • Hot Box 'R' Value 2.218

  • Complies with building regs

  • Air seal & radiant barrier




  • Total coverage 18.75m2

  • Total thickness 38mm

  • Total layers 19



  • Horizontal or vertical fitting

  • 25mm air gap required

  • Cut with knife or scissors